24 Hr. Cancellation Policy! No Exceptions.
Must book in advance to guarantee a space by calling 818.631.8649 , book classes here , or email- for privates!

Reformer Circuit Classes (One Hour - Class Limit 2) - Power Plate Included

The class description: This class is one hour and composed of a combination of cutting edge equipment. Semi-Private classes insure individualized feedback to help you master techniques at any level. This circuit training includes (HILT) High level intensity training, utilizing Cardio Trampoline, Power Plate and the Pilates Reformer. Resistant weight bearing exercises are also included with the Pilates Stick known for it’s gentle stretching and toning results. Every workout is low impact , without putting any stress on the joints or lower back. Try something really different and see results that happen safely to get strong, stretched and toned. Be prepared to sweat!

* weight Bearing routines and a preventive for osteoporosis

In the event that only one person is registered for this class we will give you the option of a
private at discounted rate

Single Class: $30 per person
Series of 5: $25 per person ($125)
Series of 10: $20 per person ($200)

Reformer Privates (One Hour) Includes Power-Plate, Thai Yoga Massage, and Pilates Stick in each session

For Dancers Bodies. The equipment we use is a unique blend of body weight, pulleys and springs to create resistance. Sometimes we enhance this workout with smaller equipment such as magic circles, light weights and therabands. All classes are non-impact and weight bearing.

Single Class: $70
Series of 5: $60 pack of 5 ($300)
Series of 10: $50 pack of 10 ($500)

Power Plate 1/2 Hour Sessions Privates

For marathon cardio endurance. Acceleration vibration training creates muscle contractions to give you a deeper, more intensive workout. Simulates muscles strength and flexibility while increasing and improving blood flow.

Single Session: $35
Five Package: $160
Ten Package: $300

Gyrotonics® Privates

Gently using breath work, flow and pace, this workout takes the joints and muscles through rhythmic and undulating motions. The results are highly known for their profound benefits and deep sense of well being. It also is weight bearing and low impact resistance training. Wonderful for rehabilitation work from chronic pain and injury.

Single Class: $70
Series of 5: $60 pack of 5 ($300)
Series of 10: $50 pack of 10 ($500)

Thai Yoga Massage

A gentle therapy that calms the nervous system and increases circulation, creating many health benefits. With it’s marvelous abilities to relieve pain and tension, speed healing and increase your energy and vitality. A perfect blend for optimal well-being.

Included in all private sessions


Add 15 minutes of vibrating massage therapy to any private appointment! The babyBelle exfoliates, smoothes, and rejuvenates skin while re-energizing sore muscles, and helps to control cellulite.

15 min $20
5 Package $100